Thai Food Is Perfect For Lunch

The plan for this afternoon was for my son and I to enjoy lunch at the Thai Elephant.  Afterwards we were going to head over to the Portland Japanese Gardens.  The plan altered drastically when his car got rear-ended on his drive over to my house. He was not injured thankfully but his fairly new car has a banged up rear bumper.

That all kind of put a damper on things but we decided to at least salvage the lunch plans.  You have to eat, right?

The lunch crowd arrived at the restaurant before us.  It was pretty noisy, the voices and clanking of dishes and utensils echoing off the high ceilings and cement floors. We only had to wait for ten minutes or so for a table.














The restaurant has some nice and unique decorative touches.  I really like the sign that hangs over their bar.














The place was really busy and the waitstaff was moving as quickly as humanly possible to serve up their customers.  Their quick and friendly service makes it a popular lunch spot.

I had the Lunch Special C which consisted of basil, bell peppers and onions with ground chicken and served with rice and Pad Thai noodles.  It really had a great flavor and there was certainly more food on the plate than I could eat in one meal.














My son ordered Lunch Special A which consisted of cashew chicken served with rice and and Pad Thai noodles.  He seemed to enjoy it very much too.

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