Sushi to Celebrate

First, happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there!

We had an impromptu meal the other night at Benihana.  Normally we plan for a trip to Benihana which involves thinking about it for several weeks and finally making reservations for a spot at a coveted teppanyaki table.  This time we just felt like popping in for sushi.  We’ve never gone there for just sushi.  Who even knew they had a separate sushi room?














Two orders of the spicy tuna roll and one order of the tuna roll.














My partner in crime really likes a lobster roll but they are fairly difficult to find at a restaurant.  Benihana used to have the roll on their menu.  Oh joy, Benihana put them back on the menu!  The sushi chef fancied it up a little further for us.














Here’s a close up of the handrolls.














All in all it was a lot more food than we could eat.  We ended up bringing home half of the tuna roll, half of the spicy tuna roll and several pieces of the lobster roll.

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