Antipasti & Pizza Party

We had some folks over on Saturday. They are friends of The Mister, from high school! We had a great time and of course, we ate too much.

Two of our cats, the moment they realized that this was for realz and that folks really were coming in the front door.


The bar was set up and we were ready….rum and Coke? Margaritas? Wine?


Prosciutto, Salame, Salame-wrapped Mozarella, Smoked Gouda, Imported Provolone (to die for I swear it must have crack in it), artichoke hearts, olives, bread, garlic (so good) and zucchini spread. Olive oil with rosemary, garlic and basil for dipping the bread.


Somewhere in here was salad with romaine and arugula and tomatoes and radishes…..but I didn’t get a picture of it. The croutons were forgotten on the counter until well after dinner. Oops.

The Mister made several pizzas. He used fresh dough from Gagliano’s Italian Market. SO good.

Half with a tomato sauce base. Topped with jalapeños, arugula, basil and cheese. The other half had an olive oil infused with garlic base. Topped with jalapeños, tomatoes, arugula, artichoke hears, onion.

My pizza pictures were kind of hurried — sorry. :/


Half with a tomato sauce base and half with an olive oil infused with garlic. Topped with onion, arugula, pepperoni, Prosciutto.


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