Happy Thanksgiving

Today was a thankful kind of day. It was also an eating kind of day. Served up today was…….

Breakfast was a raspberry and white chocolate scone with sausage.


We do a pretty traditional dinner with a turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and a vegetable side dish that varies from year to year. I also like the jellied cranberry that comes in a can and exits the can as one big glomp. My dad loved it and I always think of him when I eat it.

We skip sweet potatoes or yams; neither of us like them.

We skip rolls (takes up too much room in the stomach which is needed for all the turkey, potatoes and stuffing).

We also skip pies or dessert. I only like one piece right after Thanksgiving dinner and no more on any subsequent days which leaves all of that pie for The Mister to consume.

What else is on the menu….

Stuffing! Fred’s stuffing, it’s an annual tradition. There’s all kinds of things in there like sage sausage, cornbread, mirepoix and secret spices.


After 25 minutes at 425°F it’s a thing of beauty.


Turkey! 7 pound turkey breast (bone-in) working on getting a tan.


Mashed potatoes! Mashed potatoes made creamy and smooth; I actually dug out my hand-mixer.


Green beans.


Put it all together on a plate. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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